Garbage Disposal Cleaning Tips

A garbage disposal is a wonderful tool to have in your kitchen. Rather than filling your trashcan with rotting food items you can simply grind them up and wash them down the drain. However, because a garbage disposal is designed to grind up food waste, if it is not used and/or cleaned properly some of these food particles can build up inside the unit and when they start to rot they will also start to smell pretty bad. We wanted to give our readers some garbage disposal cleaning tips to help you keep your disposal working properly and help prevent any unwanted and unpleasant odors.

cleaning tips garbage disposalOne way to keep a garbage disposal clean and functioning properly is to simply make sure you run the water not only while you are grinding waste but also for several seconds afterwards.

This will help to make sure that all of the particles are flushed down the drain so that they do not have a chance to build up. If your disposal is already emitting an unpleasant odor there are a number of things you can do to clean the working parts of your unit without dismantling the machine or putting your hand into the opening.

One simple garbage disposal cleaning tip is to run the water, turn the machine on and squirt a little dishwashing soap into the unit and let it run for a minute. The soap should help to break up any food particles and also introduce a more pleasant aroma. Some people also like to chop up a lemon and grind it up in their disposal. This not only creates a more pleasant smell but the mild acid in the lemon also helps to break up grease and fat that can clog things up and create foul odors.

Another option for cutting through grease is to use vinegar. Like a lemon, vinegar is acidic and can be used around the house in a number of cleaning applications. Some people also like to use baking soda because it is very good at absorbing odors and it is also a mild abrasive that can help clean the working parts of the disposal. Some people suggest using both baking soda and vinegar at the same time and letting the bubbling action break up any stuck on food particles. You can use equal parts baking soda and vinegar and let the mixture sit inside the unit for several minutes before running the water and turning the machine on.

Hopefully the garbage disposal cleaning tips mentioned above will help you keep your unit running smoothly and prevent any foul odors. However, if your unit still has an unbearable smell or the moving parts are getting jammed you will need to be a little more aggressive with your cleaning efforts. If you need to reach into the unit to pull out some debris always shut off the power at the breaker box before putting your hand into the unit. When the power is off you can reach in and free anything that is creating a jam before turning the power back on. Another option would be to hire a professional to do this for you but as long as you practice the tips mentioned above on a regular basis you will be able to keep your garbage disposal very clean and functioning properly.